Remember… there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

That’s a statement we use with everything we do. You could say it is in our DNA. As far as we are concerned, when it comes to developing the job is never finished. Whether we are working on a new lighting product for a vehicle program or ongoing development of a new technology we are always asking the same question – “can it be done better and if so, how?

Engineering Design.

When you work with Elumin8 electrical and mechanical engineers you will find that we will interrogate your brief fully and make no excuses for challenging it. If we are working together we are a team; and as a team we want to get the best out of everyone involved.

Validation Testing.

For some industries this is obligatory and standards vary greatly. All our products will go through a testing phase; be it internal pre-testing to full validation testing to specified requirements.


  • Hardware Design

    Services and capabilities include full requirement analysis, system architecture, hardware DFMEA, electronic circuit design, shematic capture, PCB design, simulation validation and MTFB calculations.

  • Mechanical Design

    Packaging analysis, 3D design conceptualisation, 3D & 2D design and tolerance stack studies

  • Software Design

    Full analysis, MISRA programming, simulink and statefolow model, V cycle software development, QAC & polyspace verification, regressive testing, autosar, agile methodology and test driven design