Working across diverse industries

The nature of our skills and experience allows us to work across a wide variety of industries and sectors.



To succeed in the automotive industry you need to focus on certain principles in the way you work. These are excellence, consistency and determination. The industry encompasses both design and manufacturing and is truly global. It poses challenges that require dedication to overcome.

Elumin8 engineers come from a range of disciplines to meld creative design and interior aesthetics with the principles of engineering to produce world class products.

We have lighting currently fitted to some of the best known vehicles all over the world.

Vehicle programs are both arduous and challenging; they have to be to. Elumin8 works across entire projects, from draft design through validation testing to mass production and global supply.



We first started developing street illumination in 2007 with the use of Electroluminescence for UK Road Signs. The idea was to make the sign as thin as possible and EL was the perfect solution. As LED technology improved dramatically we channelled our efforts in that direction. There are 2 key benefits to using LED in a road sign, energy and cost saving. Our road sign light packs conform to IP67 and local road safety restrictions; they are also thin at around 300mm depth and vandal resistant.

Today our LED road sign is used all over Europe. Of particular note is our ability to generate a light uniformity far beyond those of our competitors. We now manufacture a very popular “white label” LED road sign for various specialist distributors around Europe.



While we would not consider ourselves as “defence contractors”; however we have made many contributions to these very challenging projects. As a sub supplier to some of the biggest names in both defence and aerospace we have developed a level of trust within the sector.

With various projects for radio display illumination and key pad back lighting under our belt we are seen as a reliable source for all sorts of micro illumination programs.