Elumin8 help Ocean Brothers Row Atlantic

As part of the ongoing commitment Elumin8 board have made to giving something to good causes; this year the company decided to sponsor the Ocean Brothers (Jude & Gregg) to row across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for The British Skin Foundation after their father recently passed away from the condition.

Their 3000 mile voyage will start in January 2018 and take approximately 2 months. Once completed it will also make Jude the youngest person to row the Atlantic as a pair. The gruelling journey will see them fighting the elements completely isolated.

Simon Parkes (Elumin8 Director) said “hats off to the boys, they are putting a lot of effort in to training for this. It’s not just about the 60 day journey, it is the months and months of preparation before hand. We are delighted to sponsor them.