It all started with EL.

Elumin8 has been at the forefront of lighting technology for the best part of a decade when we started to identify and develop opportunities with Electroluminescence (EL).

With a creative attitude (often too creative) and an ambition to develop, Elumin8 and subsidiary companies quickly grew a reputation for both product knowledge and the ability to make EL commercially viable for various industries. We developed it for use in cars, road signs, posters, backlighting and PC screens to name a few. If there was a way to use it, and it made commercial sense, we just did it.

The result was the establishment of a manufacturing base in Asia and a distribution and support network in over 23 countries.

Automotive EL Panel

Then we focused

Many innovative businesses have to find their way and eventually identify a core area of expertise. And we did just that. This evolutionary change in direction saw us specialise in the commercial design, development and manufacture of lighting with a particular emphasis on illumination for the Automotive Industry. We also integrated our technological experience of Electroluminescence with the then much talked about LED.

We are now manufacturing high volumes of both LED and Electroluminescent products for some of the most well known vehicles in the market place; our products are now being used in vehicles all over the world.

Automotive EL Panel


And now we keep going.

Our business is reliant on innovation and the ability to challenge and problem solve through design and engineering.

As well as helping customers to develop their products, we also spend a significant amount of resource on developing our own in house projects. We do this to make sure we and (and our clients) have a competitive edge. It is this dedication to improve and advance ideas that has created the company we are today. Is there is a quote that best sums us up:

“To the optimist the glass is half full. The pessimist the glass is half empty.

To the engineer the glass is twice as big as it needs to be”


Our approach.


In a modern competitive world innovation is vital to success. To innovate is to lead the way and it is something we do a fair amount of at Elumin8.


Lighting is what we do and we like to think we do it rather well. Whether it’s a key pad illumination project, automotive interiors or large gantry road signs. We do it.


Imagination is is where creativity starts. We work with clients and suppliers to create impactful lighting to the highest possible standards.




In Summary

We offer the full engineering spectrum from a sketched idea, through to the full design, development and testing phases. And finally roll out on a manufacturing assembly line built to ensure full quality assurance.

Our experience with global manufacturing ensures continuity of supply anywhere in the world.

Our success comes from the people we work with; ranging from some of the most qualified engineering specialists, accredited manufacturing facilities and the one thing money can’t always buy; enthusiasm for what you do.