Aston Martin DBX

We were  delighted to be nominated to produce the illuminated tread plates for the highly anticipated Aston Martin SUV; DBX. The parts are made with anodised, machined and lasered aluminium with an illuminated light pack.

Elumin8 performed the full design, development and production for this part which also comes in 2 colours and a personalisation option. These are produced in our Hampshire facility

Program: AM800

Part type: Illuminated Tread plates

Date: 2019 to present

Product parts: Front and Rear doors

Technology: LED

Supply: Tier 1. Line-fit & aftermarket

Activity: Product design, Full electronic design, development & validation testing; manufacture, supply and ongoing program technical support.

Vehicle Launch.

After the vehicle launch in late 2019, our engineering and design team got the chance to see the parts in life! This is the most rewarding part of the process and why we do what we do! The hard work, design and development steps all pay off when the customers see the success and quality of the car.