Rolls Royce Phantom

We now make parts for Rolls Royce. Starting a new vehicle program for The Rolls Royce Phantom is great for Elumin8. Our drive for innovation, design and high quality with our in-house manufacturing capabilities landed us with a great project with one of the most luxurious and quality build cars in the world.

IATF16949 Road Map announced

Having decided to bring more manufacturing processes in house and being a automotive T1 supplier, Elumin8 have announced the start of the transition to gaining IATF16949 accreditation for quality. This started with the transition of our ISO9001:2015 accreditation with BSi which was achieved in April 2019

“As a smaller manufacturing business focused on high end automotive companies this has been on our operations radar for a while. We want to use our agility as a company to adopt the processes early on in our growth to ensure the IATF is part of our quality DNA.” said Simon Parkes. “It will be a challenge that we are meeting head on and anticipate the process to be completed in early 2020. We have advised our OEM customers who have been unanimously supportive in this approach”

Tamworth U21 Sponsors

Having sponsored the Ocean Brothers in 2017 we are thrilled to announce that this years recipient of our “giving back” program is the Tamworth Football Club U21s team; affectionately known as The Lambs. As a kit sponsor we feel the clubs woks very hard to bring new young players on and prepare them for professional careers (often in the Premiership).

Simon Parkes said “while I personally am not a follower of football, when Gareth Zimmerman (volunteer manager) approached me for sponsorship I was really sold on the idea that the club is dedicated to grassroots local sport and helping young boys to realise their potential”

Zimmerman commented “I can’t thank Elumin8 enough for the sponsorship. We are a small local club and that exists day to day on a shoestring budget. Thank you”

Elumin8 help Ocean Brothers Row Atlantic

As part of the ongoing commitment Elumin8 board have made to giving something to good causes; this year the company decided to sponsor the Ocean Brothers (Jude & Gregg) to row across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for The British Skin Foundation after their father recently passed away from the condition.

Their 3000 mile voyage will start in January 2018 and take approximately 2 months. Once completed it will also make Jude the youngest person to row the Atlantic as a pair. The gruelling journey will see them fighting the elements completely isolated.

Simon Parkes (Elumin8 Director) said “hats off to the boys, they are putting a lot of effort in to training for this. It’s not just about the 60 day journey, it is the months and months of preparation before hand. We are delighted to sponsor them.

Who Cares Wins

With the latest trend to highlight Post Traumatic Stress disorder sweeping the internet in the form of 22 press up for 22 days; Elumin8 took the meaningful step of donating £222 to the cause.

PTSD Resolution is a small charity that focuses delivering hands on help for suffering veterans in the form of therapy. The aim is to help them develop coping strategies. This is a cause close to the heart of Elumin8 Director Simon Parkes who himself is ex military. “I have made it a priority to try to give something back to society – no matter how small a company we are, it shouldn’t prevent us trying to help”

Colonel (Retired) Tony Gauvain who is Chairman of PTSD resolution said “We are grateful to Elumin8 supporting us as every penny we raise goes to financing therapy and making a difference”