Who Cares Wins

With the latest trend to highlight Post Traumatic Stress disorder sweeping the internet in the form of 22 press up for 22 days; Elumin8 took the meaningful step of donating £222 to the cause.

PTSD Resolution is a small charity that focuses delivering hands on help for suffering veterans in the form of therapy. The aim is to help them develop coping strategies. This is a cause close to the heart of Elumin8 Director Simon Parkes who himself is ex military. “I have made it a priority to try to give something back to society – no matter how small a company we are, it shouldn’t prevent us trying to help”

Colonel (Retired) Tony Gauvain who is Chairman of PTSD resolution said “We are grateful to Elumin8 supporting us as every penny we raise goes to financing therapy and making a difference”