New Land Rover Discovery Review

The New Land Rover Discovery Review by Car Magazine is out. You can read the full review here. In summary it gets the thumbs up from the car journalists who feel that it is filling the hole left by the departing Defender until its replacement arrives in 2016. Practicality is offered with 7 (yes 7) seats, but with the additional sparkle you get from the modern Land Rover design team. This extra bling is offered by our very own illuminated tread plates that give a crisp white illumination. When you look at the vehicle you can’t help but see a genetic link with the hugely popular Range Rover Evoque. This link continues inside with running gear, engine etc.

The size meets Car Magazine’s approval as well, given the fact that a full size Range Rover on British roads can at times be challenging for a daily commute. “A Chelsea Tractor it is not. As you would expect from JLR the quality is exceptional. It is very well built and a beautifully finished cabin. Car Magazines verdict:

“It’s hard to envisage any reasons why the Land Rover Discovery Sport won’t sell well. Yes, styling may be slightly generic for some and some users may still balk at the launch engine’s mid-ranking CO2 (166g/km) and economy (44.8mpg) claims beaten by the Germans. But on first impressions the Disco Sport is an incredibly well rounded package.”

Telegraph Review

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Illuminated Tread Plates – Standard?

Having been a developer and manufacturer of Illuminated Tread Plates for over 6 years we have seen the interest in these increase dramatically. This is interest among car manufacturers and consumers of similar proportions. So the next question is when Illuminated Tread Plates will be standard in vehicles.

The future of Illuminated Tread Plates standard

If you go back 20+ years when such wizardry like air conditioning and electric windows were the optional extras that the purchaser of deliberated over when buying a new car; and they were restricted to the higher end vehicle only. Now of course even a lowly 2 door hatchback has such mediocre assets as standard. Therefore it is only logical to presume that the same will happen with the interior illumination. Our view is that it will happen sooner and later that Illuminated Tread Plates – standard will be upon us. And why not, they look great, really reflect well on the makers brand and have a level of statement to them.

Have a look at one of our latest blog posts, showcasing the BMW interior illumination – a must for any BMW enthusiast.


“The BMW LED door sill plates turn heads whenever you open the front doors. A white illuminating BMW badge, which is also easily visible during the day, catches the eye every time you climb on board. The badge is framed by high-quality metal with a brushed stainless steel look and creates an aura of class. The battery-powered LED door sill plates are extremely quick to fit due to the lack of cabling required. When the door is closed – or after 30 seconds – the illumination automatically switches off again. The two button cell batteries have a lifespan of approximately three years.”