BMW LED Door Projectors – A must for all BMW enthusiasts!

BMW LED Door Projectors

When you think BMW you think styling and that is very much the case with the BMW LED Door Projectors seen here on the BMWBLOG. Essentially it is a door mounted LED projector that beams a BMW logo on the floor outside the car when the door is opened. Understandably not great during the day but at night the effects are pretty dramatic. As a highlight feature to attract attention (assuming your new M3 isn’t already doing that!) it is a must for any dedicated BMW enthusiast.

“The BMW LED door sill plates turn heads whenever you open the front doors. A white illuminating BMW badge, which is also easily visible during the day, catches the eye every time you climb on board. The badge is framed by high-quality metal with a brushed stainless steel look and creates an aura of class. The battery-powered LED door sill plates are extremely quick to fit due to the lack of cabling required. When the door is closed – or after 30 seconds – the illumination automatically switches off again. The two button cell batteries have a lifespan of approximately three years.”

Purchasers of this product get a choice of BMW logo, BMW wordmark, M logo and the letter X for BMW X models.

Qatar Air using tri-colour LEDs

Qatar Air have introduced tri-colour LEDs into the cabin interior of their new fleet of Airbus A350XWB. Full story here.

A significant feature, along with all the additional traveler benefits like seating space and connectivity to smartphones, is that they have also incorporated tri-colour LEDs for the cabin interior. It has long been known by the aviation industry that interior illumination and the effects it can have on passengers is a very cost-effective way of improving their user experience. Blue light can actually be used to reduce the affects of jet-lag.

The Qatar Air interior illumination has an incredible 16.7 million colour variations and uses considerably less energy. This move to a dynamic LED array is something that is also starting to take off in the automotive world.